The MixMatters project falls within the scope of the call for proposals under the 2022 work programme of the HORIZON-JU-CBE-2022-IA-04 on the co-processing of mixed bio-based waste streams.

In accordance with the recycling objectives outlined in the Waste Framework Directive, which aims to reduce the proportion of municipal bio-waste sent to landfill to 10% by 2035, this call emphasizes the adoption of separation and conversion technologies for mixed bio-waste streams. Contributing to this, MixMatters introduces its Integrated System, a pioneering and adaptable solution for effectively valorising mixed biological waste. The outcome of this process will provide six bio-based outputs with significant added value.


The Integrated system consists of three key components. The mobile and modular Separation Unit is responsible for sorting and separating the feedstock, concentrating the recovered streams of mixed agri-food waste. With the integration of robotics and AI, it can process various waste types on-site, eliminating the need for complex transportation. The Valorisation Hub, a fixed biorefinery, utilizes advanced technologies to treat the separated streams, generating six valuable outputs. Following a cascading use approach, the entire stream is efficiently utilized. The system is integrated through an advanced Decision Support system, optimising the configuration and logistics for maximum efficiency. It can adapt to regional contexts and offers processing variability to serve diverse agri-food sectors effectively.

During the project, MixMatters will conduct three comprehensive demonstrations in Spain, specifically locating two of them in Valencia and one in the Almería region. Our primary aim throughout these demonstrations is to effectively separate and valorise a total of 48 tonnes of mixed biological waste. By implementing our innovative solution, we anticipate that this waste management strategy will result in a remarkable outcome, leading to the prevention of 21 tonnes of annual CO2 emissions during the demonstration phase. This significant reduction in carbon dioxide emissions showcases the environmental benefits and sustainable impact that can be achieved through our waste valorisation efforts.

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