In the mid-term perspective (3-5 years after the end of the project), the MixMatters system is expected to:


Approximately tonnes process of mixed biowaste a year


Approximately tonnes process of plastic a year


Avoid the emission of Co2 every year
  1. Process approximately 6.240 tonnes of mixed biowaste a year, thus reducing landfill use and incineration of waste, increasing processing of biowaste, and helping to meet EU reuse and recycling targets.

  2. Process approximately 1 .123 tonnes of plastic a year, preventing pollution and biodiversity loss.

  3. Avoid the emission of 2.780 tonnes of CO2 every year.

  4. Engage with new agri-food producers and bio-based product industries to create at least two new value chains from the adaptation and configuration of the MixMatters waste valorisation technology.

  5. Expand opportunities for the use of biowaste at all stages of value chains and across all sectors so as to foster industrial symbiosis.

  6. Support the market uptake of innovative waste valorisation technologies with the prospect of generating €24.6 million of revenue in the first 5 years of industrial exploitation of the system.

  7. Scale-up production and market uptake of bio-based products obtained from industrial waste feedstocks by raising public awareness and ensuring traceability via the implementation of digital product passports.

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