The primary aim of the project is to establish and showcase the MixMatters Integrated System, which involves the separation and valorisation of three different types of mixed bio-waste streams from the agri-food industry.

These streams may contain impurities such as plastics, cardboard, or metals. The goal is to produce six valuable outputs, including powder ingredients, sugar concentrates, recombinant proteins, green fibres, bioactive compounds, and plastic monomers. The performance of the Integrated System will be demonstrated in three locations in Spain, specifically two in Valencia and one in the Almeria regions.

In order to achieve these goals, the MixMatters project aims to:


Profile the targeted waste streams and waste generation sites and plan the demonstration, laying the ground for industrial symbiosis.


Test and optimise the separation unit and valorisation hub prior to demonstration.


Validate the quality, quantity, and commercial value of the outputs with end users.


Guarantee regulatory compliance and safety of the project developments, as well as assessing the environmental.


Techno-economic aspects of the entire solution and social acceptance of the final products.


Engage multiple actors in the process with a view to securing widespread, long-term deployment of the results.


Ensure wide visibility of the results, thereby increasing public awareness of bio-based solutions.

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