What’s next for the European bio-based sector?

MixMatters recently participated in the CBE JU Stakeholder Forum 2023 in Brussels, a pivotal event focused on advancing the circular bio-based sector in Europe. This significant event provided a platform for industry experts and innovators to explore into key themes critical to the sector’s progression.

The forum’s focal points included strategies for stimulating demand for circular bio-based solutions, exploring avenues to boost investments, and ensuring sustained Research and Innovation (R&I) leadership. These discussions not only addressed the immediate challenges but also contemplated the industry’s trajectory over the next three decades, identifying emerging technologies vital for global competitiveness.

A notable highlight was the exhibition, where innovative bio-based solutions developed by CBE JU-funded projects took centre stage. This showcase not only celebrated existing achievements but also provided inspiration for future efforts in the field of bio-based solutions.

In summary, MixMatters acknowledges the CBE JU Stakeholder Forum 2023 as a pivotal event that not only offered valuable insights but also fostered collaboration and networking opportunities. The diverse range of activities and discussions have undoubtedly contributed to shaping the trajectory of the circular bio-based sector in Europe.

The project is supported by the Circular Bio-based Europe Joint Undertaking (CBE JU) and its members – Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC).